Welcome to Eye Mirror.

You can now pre order and get into the que on this Eye Mirror web site. We expect to start shipping the first orders in about 8 weeks. You can see our succesfull kickstarter here here. Please spread the word.

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Affiliate Program

Earn a free products or money simply by placing a link on your web site, blog, Twitter, Facebook or anywhere on the web, except the Eye mirror forum.

You will earn 6 percent of sales on all Eye Mirror branded products and we will wire you the money. Alternatively, sell 10x the value of the product you like on our web site and you can have that product for free !!!

Once that user clicks on your link. The user will be yours forever, using internet cookies
Simply sign up below to get your link then you can start earning money straight away. Eye Mirror will ship the products and take the payments.

This offer excludes the Eye Mirror hosting product.

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